Thank you volunteers and participants for a fantastic 2016 Glow XC! Results here

Run on an
Electric Trail

Eugene, Oregon - May 28, 2016

2016 Results

We illuminate the forest. You run in it.

Glow XC is a new night race that combines lights, trails, and teams to produce the ultimate running experience.

Lining the route

Shockingly Stunning Course

We will line the entire course with thousands of bright, glowing lights making course navigation easy for you. It also happens to look pretty cool.


Run with pride. Run as a Team.

Gather 3 or more of your friends to compete as a team. There are three divisions that your team can compete in: Males, Females, or Coed. Although you can register solo, we strongly recommend you form a team. Not only will your experience be better, but you will also save money! Teams of 4 or more receive discounts off their registration. This is what XC running is all about!


We'll Give You a Headlamp

Each participant will receive a LED headlight to wear during the event. Buying a headlamp this powerful could easily cost you more than the price of registration, but now you get an electrifying night run to go with it!